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Employees of the month 2017


Jo-Anne - Clovel Cottage - Merrylands

Jo-Anne b 492x640
Jo-Anne excels in leading the team in educating and developing our little babies, all of whom she calls her own, ensuring that every single one of them is loved, cared for and just a little spoilt. Jo-Anne has worked with Clovel for 14  years and is an absolute asset within the entire Clovel family.

Jo-Anne's knowledge and experience in the development of babies, along with her relaxed and calm nature, is just what is required to ensure the babies feel safe, secure and loved as they keep to their own individual routines while developing, and reaching their milestones. Jo-Anne has an amazing imagination and strongly believes in the babies inclusion in all the centre activities. It is a delight and lovely to see Jo-Anne's love and dedication come through in her care for each and every one of her babies.

Congratulations Jo-Anne on being awarded Employee of the Month. 




Hayley - Clovel Blacktown
Hayley B 414x640

Hayley, a fantastic educator and a special member of the Blacktown family, is one of our senior educators after starting with Clovel over 7 years ago.  Hayley has a strong dedication to the children and families, is very hard working and always willing to lend a helping hand. 


Hayley makes the children feel welcomed and loved, comes to work every day with a smile on her face and brightens the day for the children and her fellow educators alike.  


Hayley, who especially loves to implement new and exciting activities into the babies' program, has a passion for child care and has made a very positive and warm contribution to Clovel and the children she spends her days with.

Congratulations Hayley on being awarded Employee of the Month, February




Tamara - Clovel Wentworthville

 Tamara smaller

Tamara is a critical part of our Wentworthville family. She always comes to work with a smile and ready to start a new day. She loves to interact with the children and is happiest when teaching them new skills. The families and other educators love seeing her positive attitude, willingness to help and her heart of gold.

Tamara ensures the centre is looking its best before she leaves for the day, and is always willing to help out, often without being asked. We wouldn't be Clovel Wentworthville without her.

Congratulations Tamara on being awarded Employee of the Month, March.


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