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Clovel centres are unique and special places where children and their families can play and learn in warm, safe, secure and friendly surroundings.

Our highly successful early learning program is based on the emergent curriculum model incorporating each individual child’s interests, what each child is good at and what each child loves to do. Our belief is that if individual children are doing something they love to do they will get better and better at it and their confidence and self esteem will soar thus encouraging them to aspire to greater heights – to fly with eagles rather than scratch with chickens – the world will be their oyster!

We begin by always remembering the incalculable value for a child to have its brain wired in the early years.

The message then is ‘do not let your child miss out – begin now’.

Our early learning program is designed to ensure each child is recognized as an amazingly important individual. It is based on the principle that the whole child must be developed if it is to become a well adjusted member of our society. Thus we provide the environment and experiences which will enable your child to grow and develop physically, emotionally, intellectually, culturally and socially.

Clovel’s balance of structured and non structured play, explorative learning, personal choice and group participation, encourage children to develop as whole and complete individuals.

"Ritvik wrote his full name and showed it to me today and even the numerals.  We are so proud of his achievement.  Thank you so much Lesa, so much credit goes to you.  Ritvik has really come so far since he started with Clovel this year in February .... thanks to all the educators involved with Ritvik achieving his goals.  We are so excited to see what more Ritvik will do during his time at Clovel." - Ritvik's parent, Sanjana (Clovel Blacktown).